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【Yamagata Obanazawa Watermelon Cider】1 case 200ml x 30 cans Yamagata Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.

¥3,917 (税込)

Yamagata Obanazawa Watermelon Cider

This product uses 30% of the juice of Obanazawa watermelon which is the best in Japan for summer watermelon production. With the freshness of watermelon as it is, it is fruity and easy to drink. The refreshing carbonation and the juicy taste of watermelon is the taste of summer. This is a highly fruit juice soda that you won’t forget once you drink it.

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Nutrition facts label Energy: 92kcal / Protein: 0.2g / Fat / Carbonhyderates: 22.6g / Salt equivalent: 0g *per 1 can(200ml)
Allergy labeling ingredients used None
Ingredients Fruit juice (Watermelon (Yamagata), Guava), sugars (Fructose glucose sugar, sugar, fructose)/acidulant, carbon dioxide, vegetable pigment, cyclic oligosaccharide, fragrance.
Product Information Type: Carbonated beverage containing 30% watermelon juice/Volume: 200 ml x 30 cans/Container: Can (Aluminum)/Case Size: 322 x 267 x 114 (mm)/Storage Method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight