Frozen Curry setSpicy Curry

【Frozen Curry】Chicken Tikka Makhani 5 pcs. set 200g x 5-pack【No food additive】

¥2,778 (税込)

*It’s shipped for Japan ONLY.


【Product Name】Chicken Tikka Makhani【Inglidients】Chicken Thigh(from Thailand), Tomato, Yogurt, Butter, Suger, Honey, Fresh cream, Mastard Oil, Spices, Solt, Lemon Juice【Internal Capacity】a portion for one person(200g)【Expiring Date】Described on the package【Preservation method】Keep it under -18℃ 【Presence or absence of heating before freezing】Heated 【Need for cook】Please enjoy after cooking【Manufacturer】CURACION Co.,Ltd. 1-1, Sohara saruko-cho, Kakamigahara, Gifu


We do not use additives or preservatives for our products. Please keep it frozen after the product arrives. It cannot be stored at room temperature or re-frozen after defrost. Consume as soon as possible after defrost.


Tomato-based, a little spicy curry.

It’s packed 5 portions of Chicken Tikka Makhani (200 g), making it a reasonable.

Tomato-based chicken curry. Because it uses well-marinated chicken thighs, it is a little bit more spicier than Chicken butter curry. The chickens are really tender!


*Frozen products cannot be packed together with dry products.

*When ordering frozen items, please order only frozen items.

*The cream in the picture is not included.