Frozen Curry setSpicy Curry

【Frozen Curry】Chicken Butter Curry 5pcs. set 200g x 5-packs【No food additive】

¥2,731 (税込)

※It’s shipped for JAPAN only


【 Product name 】 Chicken butter curry 【 Ingredients 】 Tomato (from Italy), chicken thigh, fresh cream, unsalted butter, sugar, garlic, ginger, spices and salt 【 Content 】 For one person (200 g) x 5 packs【 Best before 】 Described on package 【 How to store 】 Storing at -18 °C or less 【 Heating before freezing 】 Already heated 【 Need to cook 】 Please eat by heating 【 Manufacturer 】 CURACION Co., Ltd. Kakamigahara-shi Sohara Saruko-cho 1 -1

Our shop products are not used additive and preservatives. Please store it in the freezer after you receive it. It cannot be stored at room temperature and re-frozen after thawing. Consume as soon as possible after thawing.


Tomato based sweet curry. The most popular in our shop!

It’s packed 5 portions of Chicken Butter Curry (200g), making it a reasonable.

Chef Aram’s authentic spicy curry from a five-star hotel in India is the most popular! This is’ Chicken Butter Curry. ‘

Non-spicy taste is good for kids.

*Frozen products cannot be packed together with normal temperature products.

*When ordering frozen items, please order only frozen items.

*The naan, salad and fresh cream in the picture are not included.