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【Yamagata Grape Cider】200ml Yamagata Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.

¥120 (税込)

Yamagata Grape Cider

A refreshing carbonated drink with less sweetness. As soon as you fill your cheeks, the bubbles of the soda pop out, and the juicy sweetness and sourness of the grapes dance comfortably in your mouth. I want to enjoy it by pouring it into a glass. It is juicy purple. With a refreshing aftertaste, this cup is recommended for refreshing.





Nutrition facts label Energy: 98 kcal/Protein: 0 g/Fat: 0 g/Carbohydrate: 24.4 g/Salt Equivalent: 0.12 g * per 1 can (200 ml) (estimated value)
Allergy labeling raw materials used None
Ingredients Sugars (Fructose Glucose syrup (manufactured in Japan), sugar, fructose), grapes (from Yamagata Prefecture)/carbon dioxide, acidulant, fragrance, grape pigment
Product Information Type: 10% Grape Juice Beverage (with Carbon Dioxide)/Volume: 200 ml/Container: Can (Aluminum)/Storage Method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.