FuhkiKakejiku - Japanese Hanging Scrool

【Sansui】Shaku Go Tate Saishoku Sansui Hayashi Bunyou (Various patterns are available)

¥75,000 (税込)

Knowledge of kakejiku
Kakejiku is one of the characteristics of paper. It is difficult to hang it flatly when it is wet and when it is dried, it shrinks. It is sensitive to water and fire. On rainy days, it contains moisture, and if the weather becomes fine, it becomes dry and becomes crazy.
If you handle it with your sweaty hands, the part you touched will dry up and you can pull only that part. If the room with heating is too dry, it will not work well.
For those who value the width of the warehouse, it is important to be careful not to wear important things such as fine goods during the rainy season. Also, nature is very thankful, and as the years pass by, the character of glue, paper, and tears will gradually disappear, so even if it doesn’t take long at first, it will get better as it gets old.
Even if the mounting is finished with careful care, it will be damaged due to slight carelessness in handling and the labors in manufacturing will be wasted.
I think it is important to handle it carefully.


尺五立 彩色山水 林文耀(図柄色々有)

Dimensions (Approx.)
Width: 2.00 shaku (60 cm)
Length: 6.30 shaku (190 cm)

How to store hanging scrolls
The kakejiku is made of high quality Japanese paper, and decorative fabrics and glue. therefore, especially moisture and excessive drying
I hate fret.
Do not hang in a room with excessive air conditioning or in a humid place.
Store in a dry place.
Do musuboshi twice a year on clear days in spring and autumn.
Don’t leave it on every day, but wrap it occasionally.
Be careful not to break when removing the hook.
Do not wind it too hard, but wind it moderately, and loosely tie the string.
Insect repellents are used for preservation, but in Shosoin, several kinds of Kusuko are used without any chemical insect repellents. They are agarwood, sandalwood, clove, and sweet pine. If you leave camphor or naphthalene in, black spots called “Daimyozumi” will stick to the entire screen. Paulownia has been considered the best box for preservation since ancient times. The eyes of the paulownia wood open and close to absorb and exhale moisture and keep it moist.