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【Yamagata La France Cider】200ml Yamagata Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.

¥120 (税込)

Yamagata La France Cider

Uses 10% La France juice produced in Yamagata Prefecture. The soft and rich sweetness of La France makes it a carbonated drink that you can enjoy. Riding on the carbonated foam, the scent of La France dances in your mouth. You can feel the gentle and rich flavor of the fruit juice with this luxurious tasting soda.






Nutrition facts label Energy: 96 kcal/Protein: 0 g/Fat: 0 g/Carbohydrate: 24.2 g/Salt Equivalent: 0.02 g * per 1 can (200 ml)
Allergy-Labeled ingredients used None
Ingredients Sugars (Fructose, glucose, sugar, sugar), Western Pear (La France from Yamagata)/Carbon Dioxide, Acidulant, Fragrance, Antioxidant (Vitamin C)
Product Information Type: Carbonated beverage containing 10% La France fruit juice/Volume: 200 ml/Container: Can (Aluminum)/Storage Method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Speciality Uses La France cloudy juice. No artificial coloring is used, so you can taste the color of the flesh as it is. The rich La France flavor is just right and light with refreshing carbonation. It is made to be refreshing and easy to drink.